Privacy nowadays is underrated especially on the Internet. However, this should not also be applied in real life. You probably know that larger houses occupy small square feet of land and this may perhaps cause problems when it comes to your lot and its boundaries. You see, it may just be more than about the neighbor’s prying eyes but also about you shielding your own against the neighbors’ personal matters and putting boundaries in between your lots.   

Calling a good fence builder is always the ideal answer. However, there are still a lot of ways you can make it creative on your own. 

  1. Hedges – landscaping can give you the privacy that you need and at the same time give you that aesthetic look that will make your property more attractive. You can opt for columnar evergreens like the arborvitae and Italian cypress or you can even have the sheared privet hedge because they are ideal in tight spaces (if you don’t have that large area of the lot). Remember when planting a new private hedge, you need to make a trench that is two feet deep and two feet wide. In the first year, do not forget to water it on a regular basis using drip irrigation.   
  2. Stonewall and a fence on top – if you like a wooden fence and at the same time a stone as your fence, you can actually combine the two! You can do this by mounting a shorter 3-foot picket fence above the stone wall that is 2-3 feet in height. This provides a stronger fence base without blocking everything in sight.   
  3. Garden for your deck – if you have a deck and you want to protect its privacy from the neighboring houses, you can use your potted plants. Plants like arborvitae or bamboo can serve as a great wall. What makes it ideal is that you are merging the two materials into one, and having all their benefits.   
  4. Pergolas and Panels – areas and extensions like outdoor kitchens, patios, and decks are typically cheaper to fence than the whole backyard. This is ideal if you want to have some outdoor privacy but not fencing in the entire backyard. This enclosure can take any shape of a pergola or some lattice panels along the deck.   
  5. Create a fountain to mask noise – if you are very into privacy, you know that having some fence would not mask the noises that you make inside your property. The good news is, a fountain is an ideal structure you can utilize for this. Man-made fountains are undeniably attractive to look at, and at the same time are effective in masking the noises inside your property.   
  6. Layered privacy planting – when you have a bigger yard, you can mix some evergreen trees, perennials, and shrubs to create a layered planting, which can serve as your fence. This will create a natural look that provides color, depth, and texture.  


If you want some convenience and efficiency, you can always contact professional fencers for more advice.