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Instruction and NRA Courses in Firearms Training

Posted by Pistol Accents on 11/30/2014 to Tactical Firearms Training
Firearms training and security courses allow beginners to acquire basic shooting skills. The courses are also offered to individuals looking to enhance their shooting skills. Often, individuals fail to fulfill the qualifying standards to acquire the CCW permit. As a result, there are several courses designed to provide pistol training. These courses are a worthy blend of shooting, training and gun handling. The course content comprehensively trains individuals that boost their eligibility to acquire CCW permits. There are different courses designed to provide individuals a platform to learn shooting fundamentals and get the permit. These courses are

Picking the Right Type of Tactical Flashlight

Posted by Pistol Accents on 11/25/2014

Whether you use a gun for work, for the sport of shooting and hunting, or for personal protection, one must-have accessory that you ought to carry along with it at all times is a tactical flashlight. It's very useful for when there is low light and you need to aim for your target well.

However, there are plenty of tactical flashlights available in the market. Which type is the right one for you? Here are some factors to consider in order to help you decide on the best one:

The Benefits of “Functional” SWAT Training

Posted by Pistol Accents on 11/20/2014 to Tactical Firearms Training
Recently, the way the tactical community approaches its fitness training has been somewhat of a paradigm shift towards physical preparation.  This “functional” swat training is part and parcel of a general emphasis on “functional fitness” as evidenced in civilian gyms with many operators coming from various branches of the military as well as law enforcement.  This move was based on the wear and tear of “hard” SWAT training and the accumulation of injuries being the result.  SWAT fitness experts are discovering that “smart” training may help avoid unnecessary physical impairments associated with “hard” training.  While old-school traditional SWAT devotees may perceive the change as too toned for the real thing, others are advocating that such training is real-world oriented and quite job applicable.