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When To Use A Gun

Posted by Pistol Accents on 9/25/2014 to New Items and Reviews

If you are a gun owner, chances are you’ve rolled this idea around in your head for sometime. When is the right time to use a gun? Well there are a lot of different answers to that question, and with the issue of guns and gun control being so hot right now it seemed like a good idea to set up a few suggestions about how and when to handle your gun. This list contains the appropriate times to use a firearm as defined by the law and suggested by gun safety groups and gun rights advocates.

At A Firing Range

This is where gun ownership primarily manifests itself. As a recreational hobby, marksmanship is nothing new and a firing range is a perfectly acceptable place to enjoy marksmanship in a safe and secure environment with no unnecessary risks or dangers.


If you are a hunter chances are this is redundant to you but hunting is also a very acceptable for of firearm use. Assuming you have all the proper permits you can use your firearm to hunt game in the wild, just be sure to meet safety requirements and be wary of other hunters and civilians that might be in the area. You are the gun owner so you must always be the most responsible person in the room.

Personal Safety

This is the big one, and the point that cannot be brought home enough. You may only ever point your gun at another human being, if your life is in danger. According to the laws of your state the time that your life is in danger can vary but as a general rule. If someone breaks into your house and you ask them to leave and they do not, that is a time to call the sheriff. If they attack you, that is an acceptable time to use your firearm. It is an ugly subject and hopefully you never find yourself in a situation that requires such dire use of force, but you should always be aware of the law.

Everyone wants to protect themselves, but it is important that you realize, when you have a gun you cannot fire it willy nilly. You have a responsibility to keep yourself and those around you safe, not just from others but from your firearm as well, so always practice proper gun safety and be aware of your states laws and regulations.