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When Modifications Go Wrong

Posted by Pistol Accents on 8/27/2014 to New Items and Reviews

Buying a gun is great, modifying to make it your own is even better, but then there is a dark side to this world of wonder and harmony and that is when the modifying process goes wrong. Nothing is worse than watching yourself take the thing you love and butchering it. It can be heart wrenching and one of the most disenfranchising feelings a human can experience; to have their work betray them and destroy the very thing they were working on. Now, many would just walk away and forget the whole thing, but that isn't the style of most of the gunsmiths out there, so take a tip, and keep in mind these possible mistakes in the future!

When Drilling...

…do not leave the item not clamped down. You will find that while you are drilling the item will move and if it isn't clamped down then it will result in sadness. Drilling is precise work and you should be absolutely confident in your movements and actions. If you hesitate it will result in a mistake and it could possibly jeopardize the project.

When Painting...

...do not spray it on the ground. Many people will take it upon themselves to colorize their guns and if done right it can look great, but many people biff the project right out of the gate by putting their gun on the ground to paint it. If you are going to pain your gun, or any other item, you should hang it in the air and mist the paint of it. This allows for a flat application and the mists of the paint to flow around the object. This will make for a professional looking paint job.

When Disassembling...

...do not put all of the pieces in one spot. If you've never field stripped your gun before you should group the parts together by their place in the gun. If you place all of the pieces in one spot you are making sure that they are mixed up and therefore making your future self frustrated as you look for a pin you've already used. Separate everything and keep track as you go.