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Tips to Help Maintain Your Firearm

Posted by Pistol Accents on 5/21/2014 to Tactical Firearms Training

Buying a firearm can be an expensive endeavor and it is important that you give it the care it deserves. Guns, when handled properly, will last for years, which you can eventually even pass on to your children. Regular maintenance will also help preserve the aesthetic beauty of the firearm.  Here are some simple maintenance tips to keep your gun in good working order.


Oil Regularly 

A gun is composed of several metallic parts which are prone to rusting. The gun needs to be regularly oiled to ensure that it is loose and free of any residual deposits. You can use a simple 3-in-one oil for most types of domestic firearms. After oiling the firearm, be sure to wipe it dry before putting it back in the safe. Quite often people leave oil fingerprints in the gun even though the firearm has been wiped dry. Oil based finger prints could eventually lead to rust if the firearm is locked up for long periods of time.


Keep the Gun Dry 


When your gun comes in contact with water, you need to ensure that it is completely dry before storing it. It is highly recommend to buy a gun cleaning kit, which will help you to maintain your firearm. First, rest the gun on its barrel to drain out the water that is trapped inside. Use a dry patch swab to absorb any remaining moisture. Run a coat of oil down the barrel to prevent it from rusting. Remove the stock from the firearm to expose the area between the barrel and the stock. Again, swab the region to remove any presence of moisture.


Clear Powder Residue

You should also remember that the barrel will contain powder residues with constant firing. You need to clean the barrel at least once every year. Regular users need to clear the barrel more frequently. With rifles, cleaning can be initiated from the breech end. You can look inside the barrel to see if there any more powder deposits. When you are satisfied, coat the barrel with a swab of oil.


Gun Safes

Keep the guns stored in a safe area which is out of reach from kids.  You should also see to it that there is little or no moisture in the place where it is stored. It is recommended to use gun safes that feature a dehumidifier unit. This will keep the firearms safe and dry at the same time.