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Some Assembly Required

Posted by Pistol Accents on 8/12/2014 to Tactical Firearms Training
When we get a handgun we are usually in awe of the construction, the feel of it in our hand, and how it feels to fire. As we grow used to these firearms we begin to find the small pieces that we would like to either change or swap out entirely. In times like this we go to an online store, pull up the parts we want, and when we get the part we realize that we actually have to put it on to the gun. If you need to do some smithing, prepare for your life to be a pain in the butt. In most cases you'll easily be able to swap out the old part you want to replace- but here are some tips for the installation portion. 

Use A Contrasting Towel
When you take a gun apart you should put it on a towel. This is recommended because the towel will keep the item in place and at the same time allow you to see any part you put on its surface. Usually a white towel will work best. We recommend this for those new to taking their gun apart because it will help you track the parts, but once you're more experienced at this, you can use any mat you want.

These can be cups, jars, whatever, but they have to be able to hold the items that come out of your gun. Most importantly, you should group the pieces together into the component that they form inside the gun. This will make assembly easier.

Follow Instructions
If you haven't installed a part on a gun it can sometimes be rather straightforward, but in some cases it may be as mysterious as the dark side of the moon. YouTube has thousands of videos about guns, and if you search your gun's model and the part, you can rest assured that someone has made a video about how to install it.