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Non-Lethal Protection – Pepper Spray

Posted by Pistol Accents on 6/26/2014

One extremely effective – and completely natural – method of non-lethal self-defense against attackers comes from a plant-derived chemical called “capsaicin.” Pepper spray makes full use of this chemical and its synthetic relatives. You see, plants like hot chilies – which are a member of the Capsicum genus – create capsaicin. It is an organic inflammatory compound that, when sprayed in the face, can render an attacker incapacitated for up to an hour. Symptoms will persist even longer in many individuals.

It comes as no surprise to anyone who has touched their eyes after handling hot or jalapeno peppers that these pepper sprays are extremely painful when sprayed into the eyes! The symptoms can be overwhelming anywhere in the face, for that matter. Capsaicin, as well as synthetic relatives such as the PAVA spray used in Britain, causes the immediate closing of the eyes (and even temporary blindness), difficulty in breathing, severe coughing, and other symptoms.

Despite a natural urge for a target to want to use water to wash pepper spray from the face, capsaicin is insoluble in water. This means that even a good dousing with water will not help an attacker lessen the severity of his symptoms! The application of oils or lotions actually makes the symptoms worse. In fact, studies have shown that about the only completely reliable way to diminish the symptoms and pain of pepper spray is to allow the passing of time. This can make pepper spray a very helpful product in self-defense and home security, indeed.

An ideal concealed self-defense device, pepper spray comes in a variety of different-sized containers and canisters. Some locations in the United States, such as California, will limit the size of a pepper spray canister that is considered legal for self-defense use. Other places such as Canada only allow pepper spray for use against attacking animals. However, because of its reliability, pepper spray is considered effective both for individual self-defense needs and as a method of crowd control during violent demonstrations by military personnel and law enforcement officers worldwide.

With the rates of crime increasing in many areas, people are often forced to start considering what methods of personal defense are the most reasonable for them. Many people are not comfortable with a firearm, and in these cases it can be a perfect opportunity for them to become comfortable with a reasonably-priced and effective product like pepper spray