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LaserMax LMS-XDMS Int Laser Springfield XDm 4.5" 9mm & .40Cal

LaserMax LMS-XDMS Int Laser Springfield XDm 4.5" 9mm & .40Cal

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For: Springfield XD(m) 4.5" Barrel

Caliber/s: 9mm; .40S&W

Battery Model: LMS-XDMS (readily available silver oxide batteries commonly used in watches)

Accuracy (10 Yards): ±1.5" POA

Laser Operating Temperature: 15°-120° F

Wavelength: 635nm (red-orange)

You asked for it – we listened.

LaserMax adds yet another innovative design to the long list of Guide Rod Lasers available to the public with the addition of The Guide Rod Laser that is now compatible with the popular Springfield XD(M) pistol.


Compatible Models:

·          LMS-XDMS for XD(M) 4.5” 9mm and .40 cal


Power Output: 5mW (blinks for hightest visibility)

Spot size: at 7 yds 5/16”, spot size at 25 yds 3/4”.
If any firearm has been ported, fluted or compensated either by the original manufacturer or by a gunsmith, LaserMax will NOT guarantee alignment. Custom alignment quotes for firearms may be obtained by calling LaserMax. NATO Stock No. 1005-99-500-4480 U.S. Patent Nos. 4,934,086 & 5,509,226. European Patent No. 0431097 Other worldwide patents pending.

Please Note:
1. Expect to change your batteries once a year with typical usage.
2. Cold weather batteries are available for some models. Call Factory for details.
3. Battery operating temperature is 15°F-120°F
The highly visible pulsating laser is distinctively LaserMax. Easier to see, it allows for faster target acquisition and re-acquisition. Research proves that the human eye is drawn to pulsating objects - just like caution lights, police and ambulance lights, and even school bus lights.
Activation is easy with this single sided teardrop switching system. With a simple flip of the switch the laser intentionally activates or deactivates. You decide when the laser is needed, leaving no chance for accidental activation alerting an intruder.
Holsterability! With the Guide Rod Laser for the XDM there's no need to have a custom holster. The Guide Rod Laser even fits the standard holster that comes in the package with the XDM.

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