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LaserMax - Pistol Lasers

LaserMax Internal Guide Rod Lasers
LaserMax Internal Guide Rod Lasers
LaserMax Rail Mounted Lasers
LaserMax Rail Mounted Lasers
LaserMax Revolver Lasers
LaserMax Revolver Lasers
LaserMax Sabre Series Lasers
LaserMax Sabre Series Lasers
LaserMax Colt CGL Foregrip Laser
LaserMax Colt CGL Foregrip Laser

For Personal Protection

Home Defense

You wake to the sound of breaking glass. It's 3 AM and the family has been tucked away for some time. You hear an intruder that is obviously not as familiar with your house as you are. Your wife calls 911 and gives them a complete description of you and what you are wearing, but their arrival will take time. You get a flashlight and your personal protection handgun out from safekeeping, ensure the gun is loaded, and double check to ensure your family are all present in their rooms.

As the intruder passes through your house and approaches your location at the top of the stairs, the living room light comes on. You confront the intruder, painting him with your LaserMax Laser. He instantly knows that he has been targeted and submits, waiting for the authorities to arrive. Thankfully, you did not have to shoot, but you had the confidence to know you could have if necessary.

You will react to a stressful encounter in your home or business just as a trained professional law enforcement officer does on the street. That stress will cause you to respond physiologically, due to the release of adrenaline by your sympathetic nervous system (SNS). This automatic response will cause you to:

  • Become binocular-dominant. This happens because your body wants to receive as much visual input as possible. The affect is that you won't be able to close one eye to aim.
  • Lose the ability to have near sight vision. You simply will not be able to see the front sight.

With LaserMax you will:

  • Be focused on the threat and able to index the laser accurately because that is where your attention will be
  • Be better able to see the blinking laser as the eye is designed to see it up to three times quicker then a steady beam
  • Intimidate the intruder as he also will see the blinking laser quicker
  • Be able to see the blinking laser even if you left your glasses behind
  • Probably not have to shoot! Most police officers report that when LaserMax is used on the street, the aggressiveness of their subjects is decreased and they comply to arrest willingly
  • Have the confidence to know that LaserMax has the best possible point-of-aim/point-of impact on the market. This is true over varying distances important in the unlikely event that you have to shoot

When it comes to your safety and the safety of your family, second best just isn't good enough! The question is not whether you can afford to have a LaserMax; it's can you afford not to...


  • Call the police and let them know what you are wearing and that you are armed.
  • Never engage a threat you can't identify.
  • Never point a gun at anything or anyone you are not willing to destroy.
  • Practice with your home defense weapon, and become familiar with it.


  • Lasers give an advantage, but they are no substitute for proper training and practice. Get instruction, and please, visit your range for regular practice.
  • Store guns safely, out of the reach of children.
  • The National Rifle Association offers training programs and assistance (NRA Safety & Training for Personal Protection in the home).

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