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Instruction and NRA Courses in Firearms Training

Posted by Pistol Accents on 11/30/2014 to Tactical Firearms Training

Firearms training and security courses allow beginners to acquire basic shooting skills. The courses are also offered to individuals looking to enhance their shooting skills. Often, individuals fail to fulfill the qualifying standards to acquire the CCW permit. As a result, there are several courses designed to provide pistol training. These courses are a worthy blend of shooting, training and gun handling. The course content comprehensively trains individuals that boost their eligibility to acquire CCW permits. There are different courses designed to provide individuals a platform to learn shooting fundamentals and get the permit. These courses are:

Personal Instruction

This is the best method to evaluate the students existing abilities and the efforts required to hone the skills. It effectively works for beginners as well as the individuals looking to acquire additional skills. The session starts with a one-on-one interaction with the instructor. This helps the instructor to closely assess and evaluate the student’s skills. This session lays down the cornerstone for effective and tailored training for respective individuals. The lessons after this session work towards the objectives of the student.

NRA (National Rifle Association) Pistol

On initial analysis of the individual’s capability, the NRA Pistol course is provided that covers all aspects of the pistol training. The NRA Pistol course is an 8-10 hours course that includes 7-8 hours of classroom training and 1-2 hours of range time. This course is designed to groom beginners and intermediate students looking to sharpen their skills. The curriculum covers critical phases of pistol ownership. It includes a session on how pistols and ammunition work, pistol handling, cleaning, maintenance, storage, shooting techniques, and selection of the pistol. The course is divided into halves. The first day is reserved for the classroom session and the second day for the meeting on the range.

NRA Refuse to be a Victim

This is a type of seminar or session that aims at educating men and women on a variety of options and techniques that can be utilized for personal safety and crime prevention. The session is for four-hours covering vital aspects of the daily routine. It covers physical, mental, home, automobile, travel, communication, fraud and self-defense. This session aims at motivating men and women to eliminate the chances of being victimized to crimes and criminals. After this session, individuals are expected to develop a sense of situational awareness and muddle through challenging scenarios.

NRA Ready, Aim, Shoot!

This course is designed to train young aspirants looking to acquire the CCW permit. This is a three hour training course providing an extensive training about the fundamental pistol skills. The one-on-one interaction with the NRA certified trainers gives a clear understanding about basic pistol operation. This includes, pistol handling, execution, cautions, preventive measure, sight and target alignment, trigger control and follow-through. These courses are perfect, cost-effective and viable options that can extensively guide men and women to learn the key skills of pistol handling and operation and for those pursuant of his or her CCW permit.