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GAP Finger Rest Extension fits Glock 26, 27, 33, 39

GAP Finger Rest Extension fits Glock 26, 27, 33, 39

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GAP Enterprises' Finger Rest Extension
For Glock 26, 27, 33, 39
Product Information

The Finger Rest Extension from GAP Enterprises, Inc. is developed specifically for members of the law enforcement community, plain-clothes security professionals, and all other like-minded individuals who demand the high-capacity firepower and require the concealability of the Glock Models 26, 27, and 33 handguns. 111Field tested for over a year and in current use by both undercover and uniformed law enforcement professionals, the GAP Enterprises, Inc. Finger Rest Extension offers the ultimate in Concealable Control.
Acquire and Retain Concealable Control

It is well regarded that the Glock 26, 27, and 33 handguns offer the combined advantages of excellent concealability; the high-capacity, full-strength firepower of duty ammunition; and compatibility with the magazines of their full-size counterpartsarguably the perfect back-up and concealed carry weapons. Naturally, due to their compact size, the Glock 26, 27, and 33 pistols have shorter grips than their full-size brethren.

Another magazine extension addresses this issue by lengthening the Glock 26, 27, and 33's grip via a magazine attachment. This compromises the weapon's concealability and compactness. At GAP Enterprises, we ask, "Why make a handgun intended for concealment bigger?" Our Finger Rest Extension provides the shooter with Concealable Control. The Concealable Control concept allows the shooter's hand to immediately acquire and retain a proper firing grip on the weapon without sacrificing its original high-capacity, concealable design.

The GAP Enterprises Finger Rest Extension's profile is one-half-inch slimmer than that of the aforementioned magazine extension; therefore, the Glock 26, 27, and 33's concealability is retained as originally designed. Additionally, when the Finger-Rest-Extension-equipped weapon is drawn and rounds go down range, the shooter's hand is positively locked into a proper firing grip that prevents slippage of the weapon during deliberate, carefully aimed shooting; rapid, close-quarters, flash-sight-picture shooting; and even one-handed and off-handed shooting. We must also mention that the Finger Rest Extension facilitates incredibly rapid reolads of your Glock 26, 27, and 33.
*** 2 Pieces per pack

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