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Don't Be Stupid - Be a Responsible Gun Owner

Posted by Pistol Accents on 1/26/2015
A lot of responsibility comes with owning a gun. But if you’re reading this post, you probably already know that. The news is overrun with stories of irresponsible gun owners. Most recently, in a small town just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a gun went off accidentally in a local grocery store. The gun owner had been carrying a loaded weapon in a fanny pack, when it dropped out and went off. Thankfully, no one was hurt. But what if someone had been?
There is a growing concern for irresponsible gun owners, just as much as there is a growing concern for irresponsible parenting. My question is this: How are these idiots getting hold of these weapons? Sadly, the way these weapons are being acquired is likely through illegal means. Which begs my next question. Is there anything we can we do about it? It’s infuriating that the irresponsible gun owner is giving our right to bear arms a bad rap.

Deaths due to irresponsible gun use is running rampant in the United States. Accidents happen, even Dick Cheney, our former Vice President accidentally shot a colleague while hunting.

But it’s the accidents that could have been prevented that are cause for concern. According to a study published in the US National Library of Medicine on “Injuries and Deaths Due to Firearms in the Home,” for every gun used legally for self-defense, there are four accidental shootings. Not to mention homicides and suicides that occur.

Now that I’m done begging questions, I’m begging responsible gun owners like yourselves to do what they can to educate and enlighten our youth to understand the importance of gun safety. Teaching them to respect human life will hopefully teach them to respect the awesome responsibility that comes with being a gun owner.