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Caring for Your New Handgun

Posted by Pistol Accents on 2/20/2015

The act of purchasing a handgun brings with it a great number of responsibilities. Not only do you have to learn how to properly load and fire your firearm and how to store it so that it never falls into the hands of others, you also have to learn how to properly care for it so that you can depend upon your charge the instant it is needed. After all, the worst time to discover you have not treated your gun properly is when you need it the most.

The Biggest Threat to Your Gun’s Health

Rust is your gun’s number one enemy. To protect your gun from oxidation and, therefore, rust, you need to apply gun oil or another gun lubricant to all of its metal parts and their surfaces every couple of months or after every session at the range. If you are lubricating it post-firing, make sure you clean the parts with a gun cleaner first.

Cleaning your gun is easy. Simply use a clean, soft cloth that has been moistened with the cleaner to rub your weapon clean inside and out. Then use another clean cloth to wipe it until the cloth does not pick up any residue. Once it is clean, repeat this process with the gun oil or lubricant. When you are done, your gun needs to be dry to the touch. Leaving too much oil on it will turn your weapon into a dirt and dust magnet.

Size Does Matter

Your gun is durable. However, if you fire the wrong sized ammunition with it, your weapon can be damaged. So do not do this.

Be Kind to Its Action

People who are new to handguns tend to be too rough with them. They like to make a point by slamming its action closed. This is a big mistake because doing this can damage your gun’s action.

By following these steps and keeping your gun lubricated yet dry, using the right ammo, and being kind to its action your gun will last for generations.

Happy Shooting!