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Bicyclist Shoots And Kills Self While Pedaling Down a Florida Street

Posted by Pistol Accents on 3/13/2015

What is it with Florida? It seems that just about every other day a news story about how dumb mankind can be makes its way out of The Sunshine State. The state of homo sapiens in Florida is so dire these days that Cigar City Brewing, a Tampa brewery, has recently released “Florida Man,” an IPA featuring a logo of a Floridian dude’s mug shot that packs a double punch.  

There are enough examples of the missteps of man in FLA to justify such a brew. In fact, just last week, Vanilla Ice was charged with breaking into and stealing from an abandoned home in the home of the gators, and, now, this week, we learn of some guy who foolishly broke Gun Safety Rule # 328: Properly Transport Your Gun While Riding a Bicycle.  

The bicyclist in question, 25-year-old Troy Earle Smith Jr., is no longer with us since he gave up the ghost after somehow shooting himself in the chest with the handgun that he was carrying in the pocket of his jacket. He was pronounced dead in a nearby local hospital after he was found in the street with the wound to his chest.  

Though the police found the gun on the St. Petersburg resident, they do not know exactly what caused the gun to fire. However, after reviewing security video footage from businesses Smith had ridden by and speaking with a witness, they determined that the gun was in the pocket when it shot its owner.

The sad tale of Smith will helpfully serve as a reminder to all gun owners that the safe keeping of guns is not simply what needs to be done in the home; proper gun safety requires that you likewise transport your firearms safely and as required by law, which means that you must never ride a bicycle with a loaded handgun in your jacket pocket.