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Be Streetwise- Non-Lethal Protection for Women

Posted by Pistol Accents on 12/14/2014 to New Items and Reviews

Having access to self-defense skills and tools is no longer a recommendation for women in different cultures; learning the ropes in self-defense is a must-do for all women. With so many crimes facing women today, it’s only best that women should know the basics and learn the art of self-defense. And when it comes to access to self-defense tools, it doesn't automatically mean that women should learn how to handle guns as a form of protection and self-defense. While handguns work in protecting women outdoors against potential threat, there are other self-defense tools that can be used as protection in the streets. For example, there are non-lethal protection tools like pepper guns and sprays and sabre stun guns that are equally helpful in keeping threats at bay.

Pepper guns and sprays

Women on guard can count on the services of pepper guns and sprays for protection on and off the road. Also called OC sprays or OC gas in the market, this product is often used by police officers for crowd control or when policing a rowdy crowd. The main chemical found in the product is inflammatory, causing the eyes to close due to pain and tears. And because it makes the person immobile for a few minutes, the spray is now a popular option when it comes to self-defense. The use of pepper spray affords a person precious minutes to restrain the other person, or even get out of the crime scene. Leading commercial pepper guns and sprays are compact, thus increasing its appeal among women and individuals who desire protection in the streets. Sprays like SABRE RED Spitfire® are compact and come with ergonomic designs, thus making it easier to hide these sprays and guns. Sprays and guns are designed to be kept in the bag, or can work as key rings or small flashlight. Modern versions of these products now leave UV markings that allow for easy identification of assailants.

Stun guns

Stun guns also work in self-defense. Designed like a flashlight, this self-defense tool can be concealed in the bag or a purse and can be accessed easily at any time. This can be discreetly stored in the pocket, thus can easily provide protection in any emergency. Stun guns including Sabre stun guns are available in different volt capacities, ranging from 100,000 volts to more than 800,000 volts. Compared to pepper guns and sprays, stun guns will require direct contact to deliver the shock and generate the expected results.

There are other self-defense tools and products available that can work in protecting women on the streets. The choice is often a personal one, but what matters most is that women should realize the importance of these tools to complement basic self-defense skills. By combining basic self-defense skills and access to self-defense tools like pepper sprays and stun guns, women can become safer, street-smart and confident on the road.